List of All Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Bali is blessed with a multitude of stunning beaches that cater to different preferences, from vibrant party spots to serene and secluded shores. Here is a list of some of the most popular beaches in Bali.

Certainly! Here is a comprehensive list of beaches in Bali categorized by their respective areas:

Kuta Area:

Sekeh Beach: The beach near by the airport, you can see the airplane so close from here.

Melisan Beach: The place you can see sunrise.

Jerman Beach: nice beautiful beach with unique statue.

Segara Beach: this beach is just beside kuta beach and discovery mall

Kuta Beach: Famous for its lively atmosphere, surfing waves, and vibrant nightlife.

Padma Beach:

Legian Beach: Adjacent to Kuta, offering a more laid-back ambiance with beachfront dining options.

Seminyak Area:

Double Six Beach:

Mesari Beach:

Seminyak Beach: Known for its upscale resorts, trendy beach clubs, and picturesque sunsets.

Kayu Aya Beach:

Petitenget Beach:

Batu Belig Beach:

kayu putih Beach:

Canggu Area:

Berawa Beach:

Nelayan Beach: My favorite beach in canggu area, because its still not so over crowded. you can found a traditional fishing boat.

Canggu Beach: A hipster haven with great surf breaks, beach bars, and a relaxed vibe.

Batu Bolong Beach:

Munduk Catu Beach:

Batu Mejan Beach:

Echo Beach:

Pererenan Area:

Pererenan Beach: A tranquil black sand beach with a laid-back vibe and ideal for leisurely strolls.

Babadan Beach ( Lima Beach):

Munggu Beach:

Selasih Beach:

Seseh Beach:

Cemagi Beach:

Mengening Beach:

Nyanyi Beach:

Tanah lot Area:

Tanah Lot Beach:

Panggungan Beach Love:

Kedungu Beach:

Pangkung Tibah Beach:

Pingstone Beach:

Batu Tampih Beach:

Yeh Gangga Beach:

Jimbaran Area:

Tuban Beach:

Kealan Beach:

Kedonganan Beach:

Jimbaran Beach: Known for its seafood restaurants along the shore and beautiful sunset views.

Muaya Beach:

Uluwatu Area:

Kubu Beach: hidden gem beach in uluwatu

Balangan Beach: A beautiful stretch of white sand with rocky cliffs and good surf.

Dreamland Beach: A favorite among surfers, known for its impressive waves and sandy cove.

Cemongkak Beach:

Bingin Beach: A charming beach known for its picturesque setting and good surfing conditions.

Labuansait Beach:

Tanjung Simah Beach (Blu Beach):

Pemutih Beach (Impossibles Beach):

Padang Padang Beach: Featured in the movie “Eat Pray Love,” this beach offers excellent surfing opportunities.

Thomas Beach:

Uluwatu Beach: Located near the famous Uluwatu Temple, known for its dramatic cliffs and surf breaks.

Suluban Beach (Uluwatu Beach): Known for its impressive rock formations and great surf breaks.

Nyang Nyang Beach: A secluded and pristine beach accessible via a steep trail, offering a secluded escape.

Nunggalan Beach:

Samsara Beach: It’s truly hidden beach and the access to the beach is difficult.

Argani Beach: one of hidden beaches, must to visit.

Ungasan Area:

Melasti Beach: A serene beach with dramatic cliffs, clear waters, and a great spot for photography.

Green Bowl Beach: Accessible via a steep staircase, offering a quiet and pristine beach experience.

Pandawa Beach: A hidden gem with majestic limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

Gunung Payung Beach: A hidden gem with soft white sand and clear blue waters, perfect for relaxation.

Nusa Dua Area:

  1. Nusa Dua Beach: Home to luxurious resorts and a well-preserved beach, great for swimming.
  2. Sawangan Beach:

Geger Beach:

Benoa Area:

Samuh Beach:

Tanjung Benoa Beach:

Sanur Area

Serangan Beach (Turtle Island): A popular spot for water sports and turtle conservation programs.

Mertasari Beach:

Sanur Beach: A family-friendly beach with a calm lagoon, ideal for swimming and water sports.

Karang Beach:

Shindu Beach:

Segara Ayu Beach:

Pantai Matahari Terbit :

Dermaga Beach:

Padang Galak Beach:

Gianyar Area:

Biaung Beach: black sand beach located on the east of the island of Bali

Lembeng Beach: The beach is beautiful black sand with a stretch of blue sea and the waves are ideal for surfing. This place is still quiet.

Gumicik Beach: Black sand beach and pretty big waves.

Kubur Beach: Nice waves and black sand beach

Manyar Beach: one of the beaches with interesting views in the morning, here you can see the activities of fishermen coming from the sea, the sunrise is also cool, suitable to be a photography object.

Pabean Beach: You can see the sunset here too, this beach is really good for sport fishing.

Pabean Ketewal Beach: Black sand beach with beautiful views

Rangkan beach: Recreation area for local people. Than just refreshing, fishing, jogging in the morning or evening. And once a year this beach is chosen as the place for the Melasti Ceremony which falls a few days before Nyepi Day.

Purnama Beach: Beach with exotic black sand I really like the wide and long beach, not too many visitors and have a big wave.

Saba Beach: Beautiful and beautiful beach. Exotic black sand, there is a small savanna around it, lush and beautiful trees.

Pering Beach: A long beach with Stunnig view and black vulcanic sands, great place for jogging, football game and many other outdoor games. Quiet and romantic place.

Keramas Beach: Quite interesting black beach, the sand glitters. It’s really nice when it’s sunrise or sunset. You get the perfect colours of the atmosphere.

Masceti Beach: The black sand beach shimmers in the sunlight, Additionally sometimes you can see locals performing ceremony.

Cucukan Beach: Great beach, great black sand, good waves. Really quiet not a lot of people.

Lebih Beach: not a touristy place. You won’t be swimming here, but you can walk along the beach. Plus there are places that are reasonably priced with good quality seafood.

Klungkung Area:

Siyut Beach: Local black sand beach.

Lepang Beach:

Lepang Beach: This beach has its own charm with the winding shape of the beach with a backdrop of rice fields and towering mountains with a beautiful charm. You will be presented with beautiful natural scenery with big waves breaking the silence.

Sidayu Beach: During the day you can see small fish swimming around.

Batu Tumpeng Beach: Batu Tumpeng Beach has a beautiful atmosphere.

Jumpai Beach: The beach is unspoiled with black sand and cool waves, meanwhile from this beach you can see beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

Karangnadi Beach: Black sand beach with huge waves. Hardly any tourists, they sell local foods directly on the beach.

Monggalan Beach: so in this beach they produce traditional salt.

Segara Kusamba Beach: Beautiful place still very natural. Many traditional fishing boats parked on the coast. When night falls, the small lights of the fishermen look beautiful like stars in the sky.

Goa Lawah Beach: the black sand beach, like most on the east side of the island, it belongs to Goa Lawah Temple. It is considered a holy place for meditation and prayer. It offers views of the neighboring island of Nusa Penida. 

Karangasem Area:

Wates Yeh Lamet Beach: This is another black beach place located in Bali. This place is more special than other places where there are abandoned ships. also black beach here is really black, strong winds, beautiful. unlike other places this beach less trash.

Pengalon Beach: Good hidden place but need some attention

Bias Tugel Beach (Tugel Beach, Secret Beach): A hidden paradise with crystal-clear waters and a laid-back ambiance.

Padang Bai Beach: this beach can be used as a location for diving spots

Blue Lagoon Beach: A secluded cove with fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Buitan Beach:

Nyuh Gading Mendira: Absolute hidden gem, This tiny beach is very pretty with turquoise sea color when the weather is nice and sunny. You can spot some hills in Manggis and Nusa Penida Island from this place.

Sengkiduh Beach: Nice little beach. Many locals here flying kites, praying, swimming, hanging out.

Candidasa Beach: small beach without rocks (no sands) pretty unique but beautiful.

Bugbug Beach: Not many tourists come here, this place has a somewhat hidden charm to the east, there are attractive rocks to be a photo spot.

Virgin Beach (Pasir Putih Beach, White Sand Beach): Located in East Bali, a tranquil beach with soft white sand. A remote and unspoiled beach with crystal-clear waters and a relaxed ambiance.

Jasri Beach: The charming black sand beach is quite clean

Ujung Beach: you can see the activities of the fishermen who finished sailing in the afternoon.

Bias Lantang Beach: Nice hidden beach in east Bali, This place is located in a hidden area where you can find a lot of fisherman who do their routines every morning. The sands are black and look silky. Really nice for relaxing and enjoyable.

Pasir Hitam Beach: Absolutely magic place you should visit.

Kusambi (kusuma) Beach: the beach is full of fishing boat, you can get fish fresh from the ocean here.

Amed Area:

Ibus Beach: The clean, clear beach is great for natural reef snorkelling and is close to the Japanese wreck on the right. One of the only ones so far I found in Amed, where you can lay in the sand (sand! Not rocks).

Selang Beach: This is a black sand beach about 200m long with many boats up on the beach. Beautiful reef and snorkelling experience in shallow, calm waters.

Bintang (Bhima) Beach: A quiet place, views of the hills and rows of local fishing boats that beautify the view, calm waves, clear water.

Lipah Beach : Great Spot for Snorkeling, Crustal clear waters. Beautiful underwater coral and marine life. You can swim couple of Mts from the beach to enjoy snorkeling. The waters are calm too.

Bunutan Beach: Nice place fot diving, I saw reef shark

Jemeluk Beach: It’s a great place for snorkeling! You can see corals and many kinds of fish that are curious to see you and come up to you.

Amed Beach: A peaceful black sand beach, perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Melasti Amed Beach: Sacred Melasti beach, where Amed people perform ceremonies.

Bayu Beach Bali : Always clean and quiet, and you can see beautiful view of Agung.

Peselatan Beach: Long beach with crystal black sand. Base for “JUKUNG” traditional fishing boats. Here is also found a field of traditional salt makers.

Bias Putih Peselatan Beach : quite and nice beach with rock.

Bulakan Beach: Beautiful little beach off the beaten track with a temple and a hotel next to it.

Manik kembar Batu Belah: beautiful beach you can snorkel or dive.

Seraya secret Beach: Beautiful simple dive spot on the tranquil north coast of Bali.

Batu Rinngit Beach: Beautiful , quiet & meditative beach

Tukad Sayung Beach:

Labuhan Batu Ringgit Beach:

Subandar Beach: place is unlike some other beach , it is mostly rocks instead of sands. The place is definitely have less visitors because it is not organized as a tourist attraction.

Ketapang Mas tianyar Beach: Mostly the beach are with stones but has a clear water and good sky when the weather are clear bright.

Tianyar Beach: Beautiful beach, most of the time you are alone. good for relaxing and swimming.

Buleleng Area

Black sand Beach: Beautiful, raw, empty beach with stunning palmtrees and black sand/stones.

Dinar Beach:

Tegal Desa Beach: The coral reefs are also still intact, suitable for diving and snorkeling spots.

Penyumbaan Beach:

Dolphin Tejhakula Beach: Quiet beach, pretty nice for snorkeling.

Bembeng Beach:

Jaulah Beach: The atmosphere is cool, calm and peaceful. Interesting beach with sacred ancient underground water well & bathing place.

Sembiran Beach:

Pojok Batu Beach:

Penyusuan Beach:

Kutebanding Beach: place you can see beautiful sunrise

Bungkulan Beach: Beach with long black sand.

Yeh Lembu Beach: Black sand beach, still not many people know. The beach is clean and wide.

Giri Emas Beach: This beach is mainly used by locals for diving during the day.

Kerobokan Singaraja Beach: The sea water is clear, soft black sand, calm atmosphere, lots of trees along the beach

Penarukan Beach:

Skip Beach: Beautiful beaches, sea views surrounded by hills.

Penimbangan Barat Pura Beach: Such a lovely place to visit. Especially in the morning.

Lovina Beach: Located on Bali’s northern coast, famous for its dolphin-watching tours.

Seririt Area

Tangguwisia Beach: Nice local beach very quite, Also Huge trees great for shade.

Sulanyah Beach: Local Black sand beach.

Seririt Beach: This beach is used as one of the places to carry out the cremation ceremony for the people of the Villages of the Seririt District.

Umeanyar Beach: No one else there no one trying to sell you something.Nice shady shelter under the mangrove trees.

Kalanganyar Turtle Hatchery (Conservation Project) Beach:

Sang Rama (Kalisada) Beach: nice place to see sunset.

Tegalenga Beach:

Moding Beach:

Brongbong Beach:

Tanjung Kapur Beach:

Nusantara Beach: white sand Beach

Tanjung Karang Patas Beach: white sand becah, Nice place to see sunrise and sunset.

Gerokgak Beach: you can see sunset and sunrice from this beach not just that her you can see the mountain also.

Pinda Beach: The water is clear and calm, good view.

Pulaki Beach: A nice beach for taking a short break while on the Jembrana-Singaraja Bali trip or vice versa,

Pemuteran Beach: Perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Clean water.

Sumberkima Beach: Hidden gem Volcanic-sand beach for fishing trips, kayaking, diving & snorkeling.

Pasir putih Gerokgak Beach: small beach but It’s a nice place with good water playground,

Teluk Terima Beach: Great place for camping with tents.

Parapat Agung Beach: Tranquil blue beach with white sand inside the West Bali National Park

Karangsewu Beach: Nice place, cool calm with a very beautiful natural panorama,

Jembrana area

Melaya Beach: Small beach that slopes fairly gently.

Larisa-candikusuma Beach : there is alot of fisherman inthis beach so it perfect to buy fresh fish.

Candikusuma beach: Nice and quiet, with a wonderful view of stunning black sandy beaches and few Mountains as a background.

Pembuahan beach: The beach is quite beautiful and beautiful, plus a variety of seafood as its trademark.

Baluk Rening Beach: Nice view & so much fun if you riding a bike here especially in the morning

Cupel Beach: black sand beach with alot of coconut tree

Pengambengan Beach: Lots of fishermen… nice colorful boats

perancak beach: one of beautiful beach in jembrana

Air Kuning Beach: Away from the main tourist trails, it is perfect for the adventurous, those seeking authenticity. This beach is for me one of the most beautiful places in Bali.

Yeh Kuning Beach : The sand is black, the waves are big.. Suitable for those who like tranquility

Dlod Berawah Beach: A lot of big rocks in this beach, and also there is some people selling foods, this beach is also quiet around 1 pm – 3 pm.

Tembles Beach: the beach is very nice, clean and has very wide black sand suitable for recreation and sports.

Yehembang Beach: Generally Nice black sand beach

Rambut Siwi Beach: The beach is nice, clean, unique, cultured because on the side there is a Dang Kahyangan temple

Medewi Beach: This beach features charming waves with a variety of coastlines, including rocky and white sandy beaches. The consistent and long wave types make it ideal for surfing.

Pulukan Beach: very good beach for surfing… the waves are consistent and have many options, right handed waves and also left handed waves.

Pangkung Jukung Pekutatan Beach: Nice beach, there are fish boats, Magnificent waterfront, secluded, ideal for strolling

Kelapa Beach : this beach is aptly named as thousands of palm trees adorn this secret spot. Here you can ride a bike, motorbike, enjoy the sup board. We walked barefoot on the black sparkling sand, the beach seemed endless, enjoyed the cool ocean breeze and ate delicious food at Kelapa Retreat and Spa – truly the best in the west!

Pekutatan Beach: The beach is nice but the sand is black and the place is unspoilt.

 Selemadeg Tabanan Area

Yeh Leh Beach: Rest Area on the beach with several gazebos

Selabih Beach: This beach is also similar with the other beach in tabanan, namely black sand and has big waves.

Petangahan Beach : hidden beach

Mejan Beach: access is easy… the beach is pretty clean and quiet… during the rainy season there is a waterfall near this beach

Balian Beach: Black sand beach famous for surfing spot.

Soan Galuh Beach : The beach is nice, quiet and lots of people fishing, the waves are big

Bonian Beach: Beautiful beach

Batu Lumbang Beach: The beach is nice, still quiet. At low tide, there are many natural rock pools.

Soka Beach: Great for sunset. And not too crowdy, unlike other beaches. Try this out if you look for a more tranquil beach.

Antap Beach: Quiet beautiful beach

Bebali Beach: The beach is clean and quiet, black sand.

Kelecung Beach: beautiful beach with exotic black sand and still very natural

Beraban Beach:

Abian Kapas Beach: black and rocky sand beach

Pasut Beach: Many palm trees line this beautiful secluded beach, known for its black sand.

hidden Beach: Beautiful beach and very quiet.

Kelating Beach: Interesting black sand beach. Come here to enjoy the sunset and huge waves.

Nusa Lembongan

Dream Beach: Great beach, clean, clear water and restaurants and bars surrounding

Lebaoh Beach: Small white sand beach, hidden beach.

LOA Beach: Amazing snorkeling place. It worth the experience

Pasir Putih Beach: Nice long, white sand beach. The stars at night here we’re nice.

Jungutbatu Beach: The water is turquoise blue and still. The sunsets are amazing. There heaps of beachfront restaurants and bars. It’s a beautiful place to chill and watch the sun go down.

Song Lambung Beach : it’s a pretty secluded location, no huge crowds. It’s also a safe beach to swim at.

Tamarind Beach: Nice little beach with boats all around, just some restaurants, quit and cute it’s here.

Secret (hidden) Beach: You feel like you stumbled on a secret thats for sure. Its quiet isolated and off the beaten path. Small but beautiful beach.

Mushroom Bay Beach: The beach has a nice blue cool water and many beautiful coffee shops and restaurants where you can have a cold drink or some food. Highly recommend visiting this beach and totally worth it.

Sandy Bay Beach: Super nice little spot whit white sands in west part of Lembongan Island.

Nusa Ceningan

Song Tepo Beach: Very clear water, but mainly used for seaweed farms, so not inviting for swimming. Many bars and restaurants along the shore.

Secret Point Beach: Excellent place to visit, has become a lot more busier over the years but still paradise. More popular with surfers.

secret Beach: Good spot with not a lot of people at all.

Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida: Be careful when go inside it is hard to go back to the beach cause the waves

Pandan Beach: Hidden spot, clean beach, clear water and enjoyable views

Puyung Beach: Gorgeous secret beach, far from the crowds you can find on the touristic ones.

Dolphin Beach: Very nice place for snorkeling. Lots of fish all around and nice coral. The ocean water is super clear and comfortable to swim in.

Broken Beach: Broken Beach it us a beautiful place with a large stone arch that creates a stunning “broken” effect.

Korawa Beach: beautiful beach.

Lumangan Beach: Sandy beach surrounded by cliffs. Steep but short stairs to the beach from the mart side . Clean and clear waters

Bulian Beach: Rocky sandy beach. Very small but you can relax in solitude

Turtle Beach: Everything is wonderful. The view, the cliff, is amazing. the beach is located at the bottom, and the wave is rough.

Kelingking Beach: One of the most beautiful secluded beach in the whole island of Nusa Penida. Untouched, untamed and equally adventurous. You have to climb down several steps almost takes 30 minutes to walk down. Wonderful experience. Must visit.

Embon beach:

Tembeling Beach and Forest: Beautiful beach and pools,and the walk down is through beautiful old growth rainforest.

H&L Sunset Beach: Crazy awesome view, a hiden heaven, untouched white sandy beach, super clear crystal water with huge manta ray, the blue paradise.

Flower Sunfish Beach: The beach can only be accessed by boat. Not easy access. Very remote beach. Were snorkeling with Mantas in the bay on our own.

Suwehan Beach: Beautiful spot with a long stretch of beach. Be sure to look at the tide schedule before going.

Atuh Lilin Beach: Atuh Lilin beach which offers views of cliffs, white sand and natural forest. This beach is the perfect place to rest, relax, and enjoy the amazing natural beauty.

Pelilit Beach:

Diamond beach: Diamond beach a stunning beach with amazing views! Lovely to look at from the top.

Atuh Beach: Very beautiful. There are a lot of steps downward the beach. And it’s not allowed to swim there. But the view is stunning.

Sebele beach: The beach and area is beautiful in its natural scenery. Very terrible roads had to park and walk a few miles.

Pantai Pagede: The place is very beautiful

Pantai Sharon: beautiful beach with no access.

Cheryls Beach: hidden rocky beach with stunning view to the sea

Semaya Beach: Very nice, two secluded beaches. They are located just by a halted construction of a hotel resort. Both are clean (almost no trash). One of them is very safe, the other has big waves and sharp rocks in the sea

Tamarind Beach: The jetty, people can view and enjoy the ocean and the breeze…

Mentigi beach:

Kutampi Beach: Best place for enjoy sunset and sunrise in penida island

TOYA PAKEH BEACH : Beautiful beach with lots and lots of shells. Very clean.

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